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Danielle's Story

Lost 34 lbs

Won $295

"Who doesn't love getting paid to lose weight? No, seriously though…"

I found out about DietBet from friends. I had gained about 46 pounds while pregnant with my son, and I still wanted to lose some weight from my previous pregnancy. I couldn’t wait to start DietBet and joined shortly after my son was born. While I have always enjoyed working out, I found it difficult to get back into the swing of things, having two children under the age of 2 and recovering from both pregnancies. I found it to be especially difficult with the second pregnancy due to illness. I feel like DIetBet worked for me because you have a metric to measure your success. I found the short term goals and the ability to compare photos and numbers motivating. I also like that DietBet makes you accountable, it is helpful having to get back on track instead of throwing in the towel and losing control because there is the motivation of winning. I also found that DietBet has an extremely supportive online community.

As far as what I like best in the game, who doesn't love getting paid to lose weight? No, seriously though, it's great to have trackable progress. For anyone thinking of trying DietBet what do you have to lose? 6 pounds or $20?

How much do you want to lose?



Lose 10% in 6 month.



Lose 4% in 4 weeks.