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Timothy's Story

Lost 87 lbs

Won $621

"Willpower and planning are the things that will get the weight off of your body"

I am a junior at Oregon State University and father of one (with another one coming), who has struggled with weight for most of my life. I had decided, along with my wife who also lost a great deal of weight with me, that it was time to get healthier.

My wife and I chose to use DietBet to aid our efforts because it adds a competitive edge to the process which makes it fun, and it really does a great job setting honest, fair goals that are tangible. I have occasionally tried to lose weight through better food choices and working out, but I definitely lacked structure in my approach. As such, I had pretty limited results in the past. I combined the positive aspects of DietBet with, what I believe, is a healthy approach to weight-loss that can be sustained for the rest of my life and I began to see great results. I would encourage everyone who's looking to make a change to give DietBet a try. It was such a good tool in the fight because it kept me honest. I needed to be good, even when I felt like cheating, because that weigh-in was coming up soon! I think that it's also great that you can do this in a community type environment, which breeds’ encouragement and also an open forum to discuss roadblocks. Willpower and planning are the things that will get the weight off of your body; DietBet really does a great job promoting both for its participants.

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