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Sue's Story

Lost 93 lbs

Won $272

"I use the money to buy nice treats for myself."

I have lost about 93 pounds with DietBet. I learned about it from fellow Weight Watchers members and a friend online. Dietbet works for me because I really enjoy the motivation and support that I get from the other players. Everyone helps each other stay on track because they are all working towards the same goal. Sometimes I want a Hershey bar but I go to the DietBet site instead because I know the other players have my back. I also enjoy the financial incentive, I use the money to buy nice treats for myself. Four weeks of work gets me a little reward. It makes it fun. The short term nature of the games allows me to easily get my money back and I usually join another game.

I enjoy DietBet because it is well run and organized, the motivation to achieve a goal in a short amount of time and the fact that you are able to play in more than 1 game at a time.

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