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Rebecca's Story

Lost 55 lbs

Won $1,002

"DietBet has completely reenergized me!"

My 60th birthday passed and I was 100 pounds overweight. Even though I thought that it would be hard and/or impossible to lose that amount of weight at my age, I began a weight loss and exercise program that helped me shed 50 pounds in 4 months. When I started to feel healthier my motivation started to fade. That's when I discovered DietBet through a Facebook friend. DietBet has completely reenergized me! Through a series of DietBet games I have lost an additional 50 pounds. Having reached my original goal, I recently reavaluated and lowered my goal weight. My husband, son and friends have joined me in bets, with great success.

I love the friendly competition, support, and structure I find on the site. DietBet shows how an online community of likeminded individuals can become more than the sum of its individual participants.

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