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Lesley's Story

Lost 49 lbs

Won $47

"DietBet worked for me because it was simple."

I am a mom and have been married for 19 years. I own a chocolate business, and became a Certified Health Coach this year.

I started DietBet because I was starting a new weight loss program for the umpteenth time, and I thought the more accountability the better. I always said if someone paid me to lose weight, I could do it, so I wanted to see if that was really true or not. For me it really did help with the motivation.

DietBet worked for me because it was simple, and worked well with the program I am on. It was great being able to communicate with like- minded people. I loved that you only had to lose 10% of your starting weight, I went way past that, but liked the simplicity of it as well, weigh-in once a month and take two pictures. It's easy and it works!

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