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James's Story

Lost 77 lbs

Won $642

"It's not a diet its motivation and accountability!"

I have been married for 25 years, and we have both always been on the larger side. I have always loved being outdoors and hunting. I usually go hunting several times a month and last year I was only able to go 4 times, due to my weight getting in the way. My wife and I decided to join DietBetter because we heard about it from Chris Powell. I also got my daughter and her husband to join.

DietBetter worked for me because it’s not a diet, it’s motivation and support. I was able to follow people on similar journeys and find inspiration. Weighing-in regularly kept me accountable. Not only was it motivating, it was fun! It game me the incentive to run that extra mile, and I recommend it to all my friends trying to lose weight.

I am close to my goal weight and coming to the end of my last DietBet 10 game. I like checking in everyday and seeing what everyone has been doing. I have lost 76.5 lbs. since joining DietBetter, and over 100 lbs. all together. Breaking old bad habits is amazing, and DietBetter has helped us change our lifestyle completely. DietBetter is awesome!

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