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Join the DietBet Coaches Club

Are you looking for ways to extend your health & wellness brand while earning extra income? Then you're a perfect fit for the DietBet Coaches Club.

Our fun and interactive weight loss games can deepen your relationship with followers, clients, and fans, all while building your clout as a health & wellness expert. All you need to do is host regular games of a certain size to qualify.

Program Benefits

Brand Marketing
    As a DietBet Coach, you recruit your current followers and fans to engage in a fun four-week weight loss game that will...
  • Increase loyalty and engagement with your brand
  • Expand your reach to a new audience
  • Provide a new marketing channel for promoting your brand and products
    We'll provide you with...
  • Marketing support through email and home page placements
  • A Coach landing page for new players to learn more about you
  • Customizable game tools to create a branded experience
Depending on your Coach level, you can receive from 5-10% of the gross pot for each game you host. The more players you recruit, the more you earn!
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Depending on your Coach level, DietBet will donate 3-5% of its cut in charity games where over 50% of the pot will be donated to a non-profit organization.
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Ready to extend your brand?

Join the DietBet Coaches' Club to start earning extra money and expanding your reach all while helping people lose weight today!

Requirements & Perks

DietBets Organized235
Total Players Recruited51015
Total Pot Size$100$200$300

Personal Coach Landing Page

Increase your clout by making achievements publicly viewable

Generate Income - % of the Pot*

Taken from DietBet's portion


Create Charity Games

Designate a portion of the pot to a charity or event

Note: All minimum eligibility requirements must be met in order to be invited to a particular level. To create a charity game, please contact us.

* Payout percentages will be adjusted downwards for games with bet sizes of $100 or more proportionate to DietBet's reduced cut of the pot.